" Coming to the Rescue"

If you are interested in fostering a dog or puppy and want to experience the gift of saving a life, please contact Pound on the Hill Animal Rescue at poundonthehill@gmail.com.

Fostering a "Pound" Pup...

Fostering is the backbone of rescue.  We cannot do this without YOU. Though we could pick up many dogs every day, with nowhere for them to go while getting spayed/neutered, becoming healthy, learning manners, we are forced to leave them for animal control to pick up. Fostering literally saves their life!  When we encounter a homeless animal we do all that we can for them but without your help our efforts are painfully lacking. 
​We often hear people say they cannot foster because giving up the dog will hurt too bad.  When we hear that we know they have never fostered a dog.  It is one of the most rewarding activities many people have ever experienced. Bringing that frightened, malnourished little being into your home and watching it grow into the beautiful, loving companion through your love and guidance will fill your heart.
​But what about when it goes to a new home? You will love him from afar. We love each and every dog who comes through the rescue... we love them enough to give them the best life possible.  We know we cannot keep every dog we fall in love with so we do the next best thing. We find them the most wonderful homes imaginable and stay in touch with our extended family. Every adopter is part of the Pound on the Hill Family! Fosters regularly chat with their charges' families; receive photos and even occasionally visit!